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  • Inventory: Manage inventory of parts and accessories, including part tracking, stock levels, pricing, and ordering.

  • Approval System: Manage approval process for work orders and estimates, with customizable workflows, notifications for approvers, and audit trail.

  • Used Cars: Manage used car inventory, including vehicle listings, photos and videos, pricing, and lead management.

  • System within the Software: Manage all aspects of business, including customer relationship management (CRM), work order management, billing and invoicing, and reporting and analytics.

  • Booking Management:Manage customer bookings, with online booking, calendar view, and notifications.

  • Test Drive Management: Manage test drive process, with vehicle scheduling, customer check-in/check-out, and reporting.

  • Inventory Management of Accessories: Manage inventory of accessories, including part tracking, stock levels, pricing, and ordering.

Comprehensive Automotive System for Efficiency and Transparency.

01. Accounts

Detailed receipts

02. Vehicle Inventory

Booking balance,Interest
Calculation, vehicle stock

03. Accessories

Accessory stock

04. Booking

Allocation, Pending bookings,
Other booking details

05. Workshop

Image in Middle

06. Sales

Profitability per vechile,
Customer outstanding

07. Finance

Finance payout details,
Dealer commision

08. Used Car

Pre-owned cars purchase

09. MIS

Performance details

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